About World Shield Security

World Shield Security is a reputed and accredited security protection firm. We offer premier personal and asset protection services to meet a wide range of needs for clients across the globe.

Dejan Ilic is the Founder and Managing Director of World Shield Security. With more than 20 years of diverse international experience as a military officer and Head of Security, he brings unrivaled focus and strategic knowledge to every professional situation and challenge. Dejan’s mature judgment and seasoned expertise, coupled with his impeccable people skills, have helped him build and sustain a successful career.

Dejan’s experience helped him develop the ability to perform in high-risk situations and adverse conditions. He has extensive tactical knowledge, a keen eye for threats and a reputation for his proactive and innovative style.

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A certified bodyguard, Dejan has undergone extensive training in weapon handling and martial arts and is licensed to carry a concealed weapon in 46 states. His experience includes personal, physical and information security, as well as corporate governance, crime prevention, risk management, business planning and environmental safety.

Dejan holds a private patrol operator license, gun permit, guard card, baton license and Transportation Worker Identification Credential as Security Administrator. Dejan is renowned for his efficiency and ethical behavior—he was recently recognized by the Department of Justice/ FBI as an outstanding citizen and has federal clearance with respect to licensing and permits.